Meraki MR62

Ruggedized, outdoor cloudmanaged wireless LAN


The Meraki MR62 is an enterprise class, single-radio 802.11n cloud managed access point designed for deployments in harsh outdoor locations and industrial indoor environments. The MR62 uses advanced 802.11n technologies including MIMO and beamforming to deliver the throughput and reliable coverage required by the most demanding business applications, even in harsh environments.

MR62 and the Meraki Cloud Controller: A Powerful Combination

The MR62 is managed through the Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller, with an intuitive browser-based interface that lets you get up and running quickly without training or certifications. Since the MR62 is self-configuring and managed over the web, it can even be deployed at a remote location without on-site IT staff.

The MR62 is monitored 24x7 from the Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller which delivers real-time alerts if your network encounters problems. Remote diagnostics tools also enable real-time troubleshooting over the web.

The MR62’s firmware is always kept up to date from the cloud. New features, bug fixes, and enhancements are delivered seamlessly over the web, so you never have to manually download software updates or worry about missing security patches.
MR62-HW - One 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz radio, 802.3af PoE, IP67 rated. Up to 300 Mbps of throughput.

If you would like our highly trained WiFi professionals to configure the equipment for you please take a look at our professional service offerings. Our staff will configure the equipment to your specifications and ship it to you ready to go.

Lifetime Warranty with Next-day Advanced Replacement

Meraki MX appliances include a limited lifetime hardware warranty that provides next-day advance hardware replacement. Meraki’s simplified software and support licensing model also combines all software upgrades, centralized systems management, and phone support under a single, easy-to-understand model. *Requires current License.

Meraki Cloud Controller Manual

Meraki MR62 Data Sheet

Cloud Management Licenses

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