Basic AP Configuration

Basic access point configuration for up to 100 wireless access points. The AP's must have stand alone capabilities if there is no physical controller/management device.* Configuration includes IP settings, up to 5 SSID's, 5 Security settings (1 for each SSID), channel selection and power settings. Security options must be basic pass phrase type security's: WEP, WPA-PSK, or WPA2-PSK (recommended).

For advanced configuration of AP's including: radius configuration, active directory, MAC filtering, VLAN's etc, please see advanced configuration options or controller configuration options.

Once purchased you will be required to fill out a sheet regarding configuration information, If our technicians have any questions they will reach out to you personally to discuss your configuration settings. Once this step is complete your equipment will be shipped directly to us, configured and then shipped to you ready to hook up.

For deployments larger then a few AP's in one location it is recommended that you purchase a controller/management device. Controller configuration options sold separately.


* For cloud controlled AP's such as Meraki Networks this professional service option can be purchased. Meraki AP's are not Stand alone but use a Cloud controller and not a physical piece of hardware for management.
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